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People with a history of trauma or chronic stress may develop a high tolerance for stress and can be unaware of day-to-day stress and its impact on physical, mental and emotional well-being. With practice, the positive state of well-being experienced from regular use of this heart power tool can help you establish a baseline for healthy stress awareness. It will start to become uncomfortable to experience stress when you know there is a positive alternative that you can use whenever you start to feel uneasy. This way, you can start to develop a healthy intolerance for stress discomfort.
- Pam Aasen, PhD


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The Childbearing Year Package
Price: $950.00

  • Ten 50-minute sessions; pace of program and ratio of prenatal/postpartum sessions are customized to meet your needs/interests.
  • Training in use of HeartMath tools and emWave Technology.
  • Exploration of emotional factors relating to your childbirth preparation.
  • Training in and practice of pain management techniques for use in labor and birth.
  • Support with the transition to motherhood and postpartum recovery.
  • Birthing From Within Book
  • Transforming Stress resource book
  • Quiet Joy CD

Sliding fee scale pricing is available; please call to discuss details.

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